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Pricing & Process

On-Time & On-Budget

We're passionate about delivering the best value pool solution in the industry, and we've streamlined our processes to ensure we keep up with our enormous demand.

Love The Process As Much as The Pool

Our Design-Build Pool Building Process

You'll love the process, as much as the final product.

Our design-build process means you'll see a 3D representation of exactly what your backyard will look like.

Our plan includes every material and a precise quote - which we'll build on-time & on-budget.

Virtual, Birds-eye Estimate

Send us your address, we use topographical & Google Maps to measure your lot & create starter estimate

Precise Design & Plan

Our design team, in collaboration with our preferred Landscape Contractors, will develop a precise 3D design & plan.

You'll know exactly what your pool will cost, and what everything will look like.  This typically takes 3-10 Days.

Schedule & Permitting

Next, our full time family-staff will engage with the cities to get achieve permitting.

We've perfected the process of moving through City bureaucracy & navigating the litany of problems that might arise.

We take ownership of finding solutions, whether it's trees, weather, water or people.

Build with Premium Craftsmanship

When it comes to your project, your pool will be built first, and the rest of the landscaping comes after. We've built a team of the most competent & accountable builders in the industry.

Why Plan Pools

You Can't Afford To Choose Another Pool System

Most pool contractors get you hooked, and then use change-orders, "gotcha" upgrades or doomed technology to build profit.

We're completely different, we're delivering the best value, most common sense setup that will outlast our competitors and lead to the best experience throughout the life of the pool.

We Build it Like It's Ours

We install the same stuff that's in our own backyard.

We Include THE Best Automation & Systems

We include the best value automation, pool covers and systems
(no silly up-charges).

The Leading Salt-Water Systems

We install the best, most dependable salt-water system.

Superior ICF vs. Steel Wall

We use insulated (ICF) concrete forms rather than steel walls, leading to energy savings, customizability & your entire landscape lasting longer.

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What Goes Into Pricing

How Much Does Our Swimming Pool Cost?

$90,000 - $125,000 FOR THE POOL SETUP & SYSTEM

You should expect to pay between $90,000 - $125,000 for a pool with Plan Pools.

You won't need to upgrade much, because we've included the most common sense, best-value options.

Soil Correction & Dirt Work

When your project requires lots of earth-moving, the pricing will be impacted.  

Upgrades & Features

Our price includes the premium features that we highly recommend so you won't "need" many upgrades.  That being said, we can customize your pool & system with more premium options.

Landscape & HaRDSCAPE

We work collaboratively with our preferred landscape contractors, and landscaping, hardscape & outdoor living options will increase price.


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