Why You Should Insist on an "ICF" Concrete Pool vs. a Steel Wall Pools

A major factor that makes our Pool System stand out, is our use of insulated concrete wall systems instead of steel wall systems

Why Plan Pools ICF Systems

Get Significantly Longer Lifespans & lower Costs of Ownership

Learn why we choose to utilize Insulated Concrete Form construction instead of Steel Wall Pool Forms.

Insulated Concrete Form ICF Pool Contractor Minneapolis St. PauL Twin Cities Pool Builder Steel wall pool vs. concrete pool

Choose Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) vs. Steel Wall

Superior Insulation Leads to 60% Lower Heating Costs

Open up earlier in spring & stay open longer in fall.

Steel walls can't be properly backfilled & compacted. Better compaction of soil leads to longer lasting hardscape & pool decks.

Avoids rust, corrosion & leaks.

Steel walls are kits, meaning less customization & a shallower pool depth.

Insulated Concrete Forms lead to a longer lifespan, lower cost of ownership & better hardscape & pool deck lifespans.

Warmer pool for less, means more enjoyment.

A major part of what makes a Plan Swimming pool better for customers, is our use of Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) walls, vs. Steel wall construction.

If you want longer lifespans of your pool, hardspaces & decking with 60% lower energy costs, then connect with our team today!

Insulated Concrete Wall Pool Vs. Steel Wall Pool

Why We Choose COncrete vs. Steel Wall Pools

Why choose us to design & build an ICF Pool over a standard steel wall pool?

ICF Pool

* Saves Money: Low heating costs with fewer repairs

* Tough & Lasting: Won't rust, lifetime warranty

* Customizable: Any shape, straight or curved

* Solidly Built: Thicker than house foundations

* Smart Choice: Outlasts your house's foundation

Steel Wall Pool

* Rust Risk: Not great with saltwater

* Design Limitations: Fewer shape and design options

* Increased Costs: Higher freight and repair bills

* Weather Troubles: Can shift in winter

* Outdated: Same old design since the '70s

Get Longer Lifespans, Better Aesthetics & Lower Costs

When you're finally ready to build a swimming pool, you'll want to do everything possible to maximize your enjoyment & improve the lifespan of this project.

Choosing ICF or Insulated Concrete Form construction vs. steel wall pool construction has significant benefits.

Concrete vs. Steel Wall Construction:

Much Lower COst of Heating

First off, the ICF walls have two layers of thick, hardened foam insulation on both sides.

This double insulation provides dramatically lower costs in heating.

ICF Concrete Pools often lead to 60% reductions in heating costs.

Lower costs of heating means you'll want to keep your pool open longer in the fall, and open it up sooner in the spring.

You'll want to do everything possible to get the most enjoyment out of your pool, and having superior insulation empowers you to gather at the pool more often.

Why are steel wall pools so much more expensive to heat than Plan Pools utilizing insulated concrete form construction?

Well, steel wall pools are great conductors of heat, meaning they have a cooling effect on the water.

The vinyl liner next to the steel wall efficiently draws out heat from the water.

Steel wall pool construction has a higher cost of ownership and heating, than an insultated concrete form ICF Swimming Pool.

No Rust From Your Salt System

Salt Water Systems are superior to chlorinated systems for many reasons.

Steel wall pool construction does not mix well with a salt water pool system.

Steel walls can rust and erode, leading leaks and then eventual catastrophic failures.

A leaking pool from a rust spot is an expensive & frustrating problem to have.

Better Compaction of Soil = Longer Lasting

The ICF Swimming Pools system allows for better backfilling & compaction.

What does that mean?

Well, Steel wall pools have support systems behind them to hold them up.

Those steel wall support systems prevent the builder from compacting the soil behind the pool.

Lack of compaction leads to heaving, shifting & movement.

If you don't compact well enough, your beautiful pool deck will shift, split and lead to water damage.

Besides that, the steel is more open to shift & move, compared to rebar-enforced concrete inside the insulated form.

If you want your pool & pool deck to last longer, then you owe it to yourself to choose a Plan Pool System, which is built with Insulated Concrete Form construction vs. Steel Wall Swimming Pool Construction.

Deeper Pools

Our walls are also thicker than the steel wall, leading to more water and a deeper swimming pool.

Complete Customization Options

Steel wall swimming pools are usually built out of kits, which often limits your customization options.

Our concrete pools enable us to create all sorts of customizations, to ensure we get the most out of you yard & pool area.

What's a better in-ground pool system? Steel Wall Pools Construction vs. Insulated Concrete Form Pool Construction?

It can be hard to make decisions when you're building a swimming pool, and we make choosing an amazing, long-lasting, high-enjoyment swimming pool easy.

Using Insulated Concrete Form Construction is just one factor that goes into our overall Plan Pool Swimming Pool system, but it's a major differentiator between Plan Pools & other Pool Builders or Pool Installers near Minneapolis, St. Paul Twin Cities.

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